Download Epub Format ✓ The Amazing Spider-Man, Volume 1 PDF by ↠´ Nick Spencer

Download Epub Format ✓ The Amazing Spider-Man, Volume 1 PDF by ↠´ Nick Spencer For over ten years when Dan Slott was writing The Amazing Spider Man, a lot has happened towards Peter Parker as he went through Brand New Day and Big Time , he swapped bodies with Doctor Octopus who took over as the Superior Spider Man and when Peter reclaimed his title, he ran Parker Industries where he became a successful businessman operating Worldwide Some might say that Dan Slott was throwing too many ideas in Peter s double life as throughout his ten year plus run, Slott was constantly changing up the mythos, for better or worse.
Now that Slott is no longer writing the further adventures of Peter Parker, although he co written Spider Geddon alongside Christos Gage last year, Nick Spencer is now writing the main bi monthly Amazing Spider Man series beginning with a new 1 as part of Marvel s Fresh Start relaunch Following Slott s globe trot Story Pete is back to having no luck and a shitty life All the great things he was given, a company, a good job, his degree from college, it is ALL ripped away within moments But it isn t all bad, Peter gets to get back with MJ There is a silver lining However, what happens when Spider man and Peter Parker split up What happens when a new bug villain makes a entrance and knows Spider man s true identity What is Kraven up to Art Probably the strongest part I fucking love Ottlys art He did great on invincible and no different here Some awesome action scenes, funny reactions, emotional moments, all displayed wonderfully Enjoyment Loved the heck out of Peter and MJ It felt really well done I also am really intrigued with this 4 5 starsthe amazing spider man vol 1 back to basics by nick spencer 2018i used to dream of a life where it could just be us, you know with no green goblins or venoms making everything such a horror show but here s the thing that wouldn t be us, would it because it wouldn t be you my thoughts on this book i really enjoyed mary jane.
mj watson is one of my favorite spider man side characters, if not my favorite considering i m not too diverse in my spider man comics seeing her influence on peter is so sweet and this showed how important she is to himthe storyline.
i know cloning is kind of a part of spider man comics, but i haven t read any including the original clone saga so to me this story was fresh and uniquethe art.
THIS ART WAS SO BEAUTIFUL it looked cartoony but still cla

This didn t really click with me It spent way too much time setting up silly jokes and shenanigans than it did with interesting villains or exciting plots.
Obwohl ich schon die ersten beiden Hefte, die in diesem TPB enthalten sind, bei Erscheinen gelesen hatte und nicht besonders gelungen fand, habe ich das Paperback gekauft, um Spencers Run noch eine zweite Chance zu geben, vor allem auch in der Hoffnung, dass die Story im gr eren Zusammenhang gewinnt Das ist leider nicht der Fall.
F r mich funktioniert Spencers Spider Man leider nicht Nat rlich ist mir bewusst, dass der Charakter einer Figur nicht ber Jahrzehnte identisch bleibt und jeder Autor nicht nur an der Story, sondern auch an den Figuren arbeitet Aber bei Spencer stimmt zu vieles f r mich nicht Zu sehr setzt er auf witzige Spr che und Situationskomik, zu wenig auf die Charaktere, die die Leser im Laufe von Jahren und Jahrzehnten liebgewonnen haben.
Es folgen ein paar Spoiler Gut und witzig ist zum Beispiel die Idee, dass Pete This isn t bad but I really wanted it to be better.
What s it about I can t say much without spoilers Let s just say Peter is going through some pretty crazy, probably life changing stuff.
Pros The story is interesting There is a fair bit to it but I don t want to spoil too much It s nothing that is changing the comics medium or a masterpiece in storytelling but it s a fun Spidey story The artwork is very well done There are a few iffy panels here and there but most of the scenes are very well drawn.
The characters are very well written I m happy view spoiler Mary Jane hide spoiler What an unreadable mess, this totally sucked.
An Alien Invasion Attacks New York City And The Only One Who Can Stop It IsSpider Man But That S Far From All You Ll Find Here A Revelation From The Past Puts Peter Parker S Job, Relationships And Whole Life In Jeopardy And If Even That S Not Enough, You Ll See A New Roommate, New Love Interests And A New Villain COLLECTING AMAZING SPIDER MAN , FREE COMIC BOOK DAY AMAZING SPIDER MAN STORY Nick Spencer s Amazing Spider Man appears to tick all the right boxes It s accessible, enjoyable and it looks good But I couldn t shake a feeling of d j vu, telling me that i ve read this all before The trouble is, I read Spencer s Ant Man series, so I kind of have.
That feels a little harsh to say about I book I enjoyed, but the similarities are clear to see The issues are structured the same, Peter Parker frequently quips and drops pop culture references just as Scott Lang did hell, most of the characters here do and the blend of heart and humour felt very familiar throughout.
Then again, maybe I just need an adjustment period I liked Back To Basics overall and Spencer does seem like a good fit for the character I ll see how I feel after the second volume I ve read a lot of Spider man For most of the years that I ve been reading comics Dan Slott has been working on the Spider title, whether he was the main writer or in the team of writers This is the first volume of the era after Dan Slott when Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley, and Ramos are on the book And I really liked this first volume.
I read them as the issue were releasing and in the wake of the heartfelt issue 801 and that felt like a goodbye to someone who put a lot of time and love into Spider man I bring all this up because this volume feels like taking a bat to things left behind by that era of Spider man.
Spider man s Otto s degree Gone.
Science editor job Gone.
Any source of stability Gone.
Is all that being taken away worth it I think so yes I d love stories with Peter as a science editor at the Daily Bugle,

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