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» Summer at Sea (Summer #1) ß Download by ↠´ Beth Labonte Four Jackets Of Varying Weights, Enough Socks For The Entire Confederate Army, Three Umbrellas, Most Of The Antacid Aisle From The Local Pharmacy, And Six Pairs Of Old People Sneakers That All Look Exactly The Same Have You Ever Helped Your Parents Pack For A Weeklong Cruise No I Didn T Think So So Shut It So Begins Vacation For Summer Hartwell Twenty Six Years Old, Living With Her Anxiety Ridden Parents, And Unwillingly Booked By Her Brother On A Weeklong Cruise To Bermuda Despite The Nightmare Of Being Trapped Aboard A Cruise Ship With Mom And Dad, Summer Sees A Rare Opportunity To Fulfill The Prophecy Her Mother S Declaration That She Will Live At Home Until She Gets Married With Two Thousand Passengers Onboard, At Least One Of Them Must Be Husband Material, Right The Only Problem Is Graham Blenderman Her Brother S Best Friend Who Is Joining Them For The Week, In All Of His Tall, Blonde, Extroverted Glory Graham Doesn T Believe Summer Needs A Husband In Order To Break Free From Her Parents He Thinks She Just Needs A Little Bit Of Nerve And To Summer S Introverted Horror, He S Willing To Spend The Entire Week Proving That He S Right This was very good I really enjoyed it and actually laughed out loud several times which I rarely do with any book or movie unless I m high I have no problem LOL ing when I m highbut I was not high when I read this and believe it or not, I m not high nowlol.
Quick Rundown Completely Beat Down by her Parents Chick is forced to go on a week long cruise with them and her brother s best friend, paid for by her newly successful brother She thinks this is going to be a tedious but great opportunity to meet Mr Right and maybe finally get out from under her parents thumb It turns into a life changer for everyone involved.
Characterization Top Notch No complaints and was very impressed by the variety of individuals and the Well, this wasn t half bad I have a bone to pick with writers of chick lit, though Why do all the female leads in this genre of books suffer from low self esteem I mean, I know that you need a reason to get the guy and girl together, but is making her a doormat the only way to do it I am seriously starting to think about not downloading freebies any So many are just crap and I cannot bring myself to keep reading This one is no different The main character is supposed to be an adult but she acts like she is 13 Still lives with her parents and can t leave until she gets married so now she is desperately looking for a husband This is a contemporary not a historical, women don t need to live with their parents until marriage Then she is so annoyingly immature and childish that I want to smack the crap out of her She is mean to her parents and embarrassed by them, she is just so unpleasant Then the love interest is her brothers best friend Graham and I wonder why he even likes her Her mom gets anxiety about getting on the ship and instead of being an adult and a good daughter she totally ignores her and does nothing then gets upset when Graham 3.
5 cute story, Summer s parents are hilarious and crazy Easy read.
What a fun book Summer Hartwell takes off on an exotic cruise with her family Just to make things interesting, her brother s best friend, Graham, tags along Summer has had a long held romantic interest in Graham but that romantic interest has never flourished due to an old misunderstanding between the two young people Thinking that boat has long since sailed, Summer s plan is to meet as many men as possible during the cruise and hopefully find someone who ll sweep her off her feet But Graham has other plans He aims to get those old misunderstandings resolved With that out of the way, he s gonna start working to win Summer s heart.
A delightfully entertaining story of romance and self discovery.
I love this cover so so much I found Beth through Pumpkin Everything really enjoyed her writing style in that read and knew I had to check another read out from her series I enjoy all the laughter and fun throughout the read so fun I am really enjoying Beth s writing style so awesome from her I know it soon can t wait FREE 9 10 18 Summer at Sea was recommended to me by two friends who said that the book was a riot, and they weren t wrong To start with, the premise is very clever and original Heroine Summer Hartwell, a twentysomething school librarian who still lives with her parents, is joining her mom and dad on a week long cruise to Bermuda paid for by her brother Although she s not thrilled to be traveling with her clingy, multi phobic parents, she sees the cruise as an opportunity to meet a man with long term potential, one who could help her start living her own life Unfortunately, Summer s quest for an onboard romance is hampered by not only her drama causing parents, but the presence of Graham, her brother s bestie a.
a the guy who unknowingly crushed her fragile, adolescent heart When Graham challenges Summer to flout her parents wishes and take a walk on the wild side, she decides to go A light and funny romance that is a perfect read by the pool.

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