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â Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Vol. 1 » Download by Ñ Brian Michael Bendis Sometimes it can be highly misleading to apply the same term to a broad category of things Take ice cream, for example certain kinds of ice cream may be very different mint chocolate chip, moose tracks, peanut butter chocolate, fudge swirl , but are of comparable and moan inducingly delicious quality But, then there s stuff like pistachio, or even specialty flavors like crab thanks for that tomfoolery, Bar Harbor, ME that, while also technically ice cream, are decidedly less orgasmic in one s mouth and, in fact, should be outlawed and or launched into the center of the sun, never to plague humanity again I m looking at you, pistachio, because when I see green ice cream, I think mint chocolate chip and get all excited, and then I realize it s pistachio Spider Man is a bit the Look, I don t wanna go there I really don t but this book is a great example of what can go wrong when you have a white guy writing for a character of color If you re a big fan of Bendis, this may not be the review for you I have respect for the guy but he was wrong for this Bendis has been around for a long time Whatever my issues with CW II and some of his inconsistent character work, I ve enjoyed several things he s written I enjoyed the hell out of the original run of Miles series Up until now, I haven t had huge problems with his writing and I realize that this was probably due to the fact that he hasn t tried to talk about Miles race It was for the best because when he attempted to bring that up in this volume, I rage quit twice.
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Thanks to Secret Wars the Ultimates universe was blowed up along with almost everyone in it except for Ultimate Spider Man Miles Morales who is now just Spider Man Sharing New York City with Peter Parker Spider Man That s not confusing And why the hell are so many superheroes in New York City anyway You d have to be a moron to consider being a supervillain or even just an ordinary criminal there Go to Wolverhampton or something, ain t no Spider People across the pond So once again Brian Michael Bendis has written a book and forgotten to include a story Witness Miles juggling being a superhero with school, aka the Spider Man boilerplate, before his granny is brought in to up his grades His grandmother And this is interesting to who Miles battles a contrivance called Blackheart who s transparently there to be beaten by Miles to show the audi Secret Wars has allowed Bendis to retcon some things Miles s mother is alive and well now, although his Dad still knows he s Spider Man I hate this kind of thing, because I no longer know what part of Miles s history is still canon and what is now a figment of my imagination Miles also appears to be a bit older now looking like 16 than 13 The book here isn t quite as focused as I m used to with Bendis The plot kind of jumps around all over the place That being said, it s still a Bendis penned Spider Man book, so it s still top notch Sara Pichelli is a very talented artist I like the introduction of Goldballs to the book He has such a dumb mutant power it cracks me up.
There were definitely some flaws in this story, but it being about Miles Morales I am inclined to still like it I am not sure why I am such a sucker for Miles but I am However here is a list of what I did NOT like 1 Ganke like what the fuck man you are supposed to be Miles friend 2 The name Goldballs, I mean is that a joke 3 The super unnecessary involvement of that youtuber girl, she just annoys the crap out of me But things I liked 1 Miles 2 Mrs Marvel3 Black Cat I am also a sucker for anything Black Cat, sue me.
Following Secret Wars Miles Morales, his friends, and family have joined the main Marvel Universe An even bigger surprise is Miles Mom is alive again Now Miles is once again attempting to balance his superhero work with his school work Unfortunately his school work isn t fairing so well at the moment.
Post Secret Wars Miles Morales existence is anything but clear His Mom s alive again which is a massive plus No one seems to have any memory of the Ultimate Universe Even Peter Parker who met Miles in Spider Men has no recollection of the other world where Miles and his loved ones are from Miles father still knows he s Spider Man, but there is no longer any anger over that point Prowler is alive and no word if he s Miles uncle or not in this world It s frustratingly confusing because the story is saying, Forget I d probably say this is the best title Bendis is writing lately, and I think it s because he can get away with his heavy dialogue and not much plot movement in this title because Miles and the supporting cast like Ganke and Golden Balls are such great characters that you don t mind the dialogue moments They re enjoyable That s not to say there s no plot here Miles is established in the 616verse by taking on The Black Cat who is the Kingpin of crime now Which is news to me, unless I just passed over when Slott did it in the main Spidey book because it was boring and it s the usually still young and learning arc Slotts Spider man book has been better post Secret Wars, but this is still the better Spider man book And I m glad to see Bendis can write good comics because I still want to refer to him as one of my favourite writers and not the writer of Guardians of the G For the record, I m absolutely overjoyed that Miles Morales survived view spoiler the destruction of his home universe hide spoiler Miles Morales Is Hitting The Big Time Not Only Is He Joining The Marvel Universe, But He S Also A Card Carrying Avenger, Rubbing Shoulders With The Likes Of Iron Man, Thor And Captain America And He Ll Soon Be A Media Sensation In This All New, All Different New York One Thing S The Same, Though Non Stop Action Like When Earth S Mightiest Heroes All Fall, And Miles Stands Alone Against A Villain With The Power To Destroy The Universe Or When The Black Cat Tries To Get Her Claws In This New Spider Man Or When A New Mutant Threatens To Grab The Spotlight And Don T Forget Miles Toughest Foe Yet His Grandmother But His Grades Might Be The Ultimate Challenge Maybe A Study Session Date With Ms Marvel Would Help Welcome To The Neighborhood, Spider Man Hope It S Friendly Collecting SPIDER MAN Overall it was sort of an ordinary book, but was worth reading for a few reasons Kamala Khan s Ms Marvel my favorite in the newer crop of super heroines makes a cameo appearance, as does a certain private investigator that last full page illustration cries out for a musical stinger the old school villains Black Cat and Hammerhead pop up to cause trouble in the final act and some of Morales teen melodrama nostalgically recalls Peter Parker s early years The artwork was good, too.

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