Trailer ä Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen: Sitting in a Tree PDF by ¶ Brian Michael Bendis

Trailer ä Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen: Sitting in a Tree PDF by ¶ Brian Michael Bendis Miles and Gwen Totally cute I m absolutely shipping them after this crossover, and hope the authors will return to it in the future.
The story beyond that It s OK There s a lot of fun multi dimensional hijinks The trope of an evil doppelg nger in Gwen s dimension is a little overdone, and this volume pretty explicitly ends on a deus ex machina, but I enjoyed getting there, primarily due to the Gwen and Miles interactions.
So, call it 3.
5 stars Not the best material in either series, but still fun.
Not what was promised, good but also meh.
World The art is good, it s the regulars for both series and they both bring beautiful art to the table The world building here is fairly interesting and mostly good for Gwen s book as it builds further the S.
K storyline brewing there But it is self contained and there are choppy bits here and there that don t really come together and can get confusing.
Story The covers promised something and the book itself is another beast altogether The idea of them being a thing for me is weird and in the book it is not really dealt with and when it does deal with it in the conclusion it s very tacked on and I didn t think any of the emotions landed at all, it was a mess of a book in terms of that area The stuff with alternate version is always great in a multiverse story and I did enjoy tha K I S S I N G That S Just One Of The Things That Makes This A Very Modern Marvel Team Up, As The Two Most Sensational Web Spinners Of The St Century Cross Paths And Lock Lips Miles Morales And Gwen Stacy Are Two Young Heroes From Different Earths, But What Threat Could Unite The Spider Man And Spider Woman Of The New Generation The Answer Will Rock Both Their Worlds Not For The First Time, Miles Will Find Himself In Another Universe And He S In Pursuit Of Someone He Holds Dear But Will That Description Soon Apply To Gwen Or, As The Stakes Are Raised, Will This Spider Crossed Pair See Teen Romance Give Way To Arachnid Animosity First Comes Love, Then Comes Much Worse, Then Comes Chaos In The Multiverse Collecting SPIDER MAN And SPIDER GWEN B read in single issues.
like a 2.
meh had some aspects I enjoyed such as the team up but then jumped to ridiculous matters.
Yikes this was bad.
Spider Gwen did start out so well originally and has now turned into this.
Spider Man not being PP is always not going to be as good too me but this could have been a good crossover.
This crossover sees Spider Man, Miles Morales, dimension hop over to Earth 65 where he teams up with that world s Spider Woman, Gwen Stacey His Dad, now an agent of SHIELD, has gone missing The two spider people go off to look for him only to discover that Earth 65 has a Jefferson of it s ownI thought this story worked well, even if it did use the hook of having the pair kiss It comes across from the cover as a romance story but it s really not the romantic moment is brief The pair do have a good relationship, the only young spider people around at the moment I really like how much Miles looks up to Gwen and her experience as a spider person This is a crossover rather than a series so we get three issues of the Spider Man team Brian Bendis writing and Sarah Pichelli on art and three of the Spider Gwen team Jason Latour writing and Robb Miles Morales s dad has disappeared while working for SHIELD so Miles goes looking for him on Earth 65 or Earth GS as it always looks from the terrible font used in Spider Gwen He meets up with Spider Gwen and they go look for him in a club that s owned by an evil version of his dad from Earth 65 He s hooked up with S.
K to steal stuff from Earth 616 They end up dimension hopping while trying to stop S.
K and evil dad Gwen and Miles connect even though he s jailbait There s some nice twists and turns and then Miles s dad shows up They beat the bad guys The end.
The Good The framing sequence Bendis uses in his issues works wonderfully Obviously, the Miles issues look great with Sara Pichelli an pencils The twist in Earth 8 was pretty great.
The Bad I would have loved to seen the framing sequence used in the Spider Gwen issues as

This was pretty cute So there s two sides to the story here We go back and forth between two different writers telling one tale of Miles and Gwen teaming up Who doesn t love a Spidy teamup So Miles dad has gone missing and he has to start jumping realities Soon up he meets up with Gwen and they begin whooping butt However, is there love in the air Good I like Miles and his boys They feel like high school kids Watching Gwen and Miles almost kiss, then kiss, and like each other a lot is cute and fun Gwen is great, her fighting style advance than miles, and watching him admire her was sweet Bad The switch in art styles is kind of jarring The ending felt almost made it feel kind of like pointless in a way Overall it s a lot of fun but not amazing I like Miles and Gwen together When she comes to 616 soon for An ok crossover that kind of derails towards the end One of the main problems I had with this was the villain He was just a guy No special powers, no real gadgets he had had some kind of shock vest that he used exactly once to very little effect Despite this, Gwen and Miles still had to call in a bunch of help from the Spider Verse so that they couldpunch him better I guess It didn t make much sense, because every time they met up with this guy they kicked the crap out of him no problem It seemed like a lame excuse to push Spider Verse stuff at us without giving us anything of any real substance.
Also, view spoiler they pushed this hard as a romance between Gwen and Miles, but there was actually very little of that, and in the end they decided to just be friends anyway Talk about bait and switch hide spoiler

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