å Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider, Vol. 1: Spider-Geddon Ì Download by å Seanan McGuire

å Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider, Vol. 1: Spider-Geddon Ì Download by å Seanan McGuire Spider Gwen is at her best when she s multiverse hopping, and I think Marvel has really dialed into that frequency Really enjoyed this, great fun Super big spoilers for the Spider geddon series though, which I hadn t read yet Bummer.
A new writer a strong voice.
World The art is great, the first three issues are Spider Geddon and there is a style to the book that I really enjoyed, I love the stylish art because I think a book like Gwen s deserves a unique style and this book has it, the fourth issue I don t know if it s the same artist, sorry I didn t check but it s also very good, it looks a bit scratchy but it s still pretty great The world building for this book is okay, it s Spider Geddon but not really because Gwen pretty much gets sidelined very early in the event and she spends most of her time on one world getting to know the differences in this world and her navigating it The pieces here are nice, they are a twist of the original 616 staples, which Gwen already is so it was fun Solid The aftermath issue has little bits and pieces of new status qu Gwen Stacy, The Spider Woman Of Earth , Makes Her Sensational Return And She S Picking Up Right Where She Left Off, Fighting Crime Through Her Home Reality Unaware That It Sits On The Precipice Of Interdimensional Calamity Spider Geddon Is About To Rock Gwen S World Finding Herself Trapped In A Parallel Dimension As Her Friends And Fellow Spiders Are Dyingwith Her Teleporter Watch Destroyed And No Way To Get Homewhat Can Gwen Do To Stop The Inheritors From Wreaking Havoc Across The Entire Web Of Life And Destiny And From Out Of The Interdimensional Chaos, She Must Face One Of Her Deadliest Enemies Yet The Gwen Goblin With Her Life In Jeopardy From All Sides, Is There A Reason We Re Calling Her Ghost Spider COLLECTING SPIDER GWEN GHOST SPIDER La historia en solitario de Gwen est muy bien Tengo que leer Spider Geddon para entender lo dem s McGuire no es Latour, pero es lo suficientemente emo pa mi Buen inicio.
I loved Robbie Rodriguez and Jason Latour s Spider Gwen run from start to finish It was unabashedly pure to the heart of its characters and had enough spunk, style, and character to fuel an army With their run over, however, and Spider Gwen becoming popular than ever courtesy of the flawless movie Into the Spider Verse, Spider Gwen has a new comic with a new creative team and it sjust okay I want to love this, and I almost do Seanan McGuire s writing is solid, the art is quite good and has a lot of dynamic layouts, but this first volume has the unfortunate privilege of being intrinsically tied into yet another Spider Verse comic event The original Spider Gwen run had this problem too, and it was my biggest problem with that series This version of Gwen Stacy and I did not expect this to be this good And really, launching mid event, with a mountain of continuity behind it, it really shouldn t be.
And yet.
Seanan McGuire slips into Spider Gwen s world as easily as if she d be writing it for the past 4 years, wrangling her complicated backstory, extensive supporting cast, and even the Spider Geddon event into shape as well without alienating new readers Spider Geddon itself would be hard enough, but doing all the rest of that as well Legendary.
The first three issues are pretty good, with Gwen coming to terms with some things by examining herself through the eyes of an alternate universe Gwen, but the fourth issue is where things really shine as Gwen visits the worlds of the Spider People that perished during the event It s something that none of the other Spiders, even Peter and Miles, didn t think to do, and it clearly affects Gwen in This was surprisingly coherent for a volume full of issues that are part of tie in which I have absolutely no knowledge of From what i can figure out apparently Marvel was doing an event called Spider geddon which seems to have a similar plotline to the Into the Spider verse movie which I have seen The first three volumes seemed pretty self contained and I found them enjoyable overall The last issues focuses on some fallout and character deaths from the crossover event and includes a lot of Spider people I have never heard of so it was kind of hard to make myself care that they died and Gwen was sad about it Basically I just read this because I read everything that Seanan writes I think it was interesting enough and I obviously like her writing style, but I am excited to see what she can write with this title in the future when she isn t con

I m excited that Seanan McGuire is writing for Marvel I m less excited about another big crossover event that I guess this tied into I haven t read any of the other, uh, Spider Geddon sure books and at first this was a lil confusing I guess I got the gist of it but, ugh, quit it That said, I love Seanan s writing and the way Gwen s personality shines out here despite the confusing setting I m excited to read continuing volumes where hopefully we can just get Gwen being Gwen without so much multi verse shenanigans.
This was good but, I clearly missed something and need to read the complete Spider Geddon.
It s really rough having to start your run on a character at the same time as big event they take part in I can t believe how good this is, despite Seanan McGuire having to tie it into Spider Geddon Which was great, by the way But somehow, instead of just working around that, she freaking uses it as a springboard to launch this series and also make me cry read this, and also read Spider Geddon Long Live Gwen Stacy.

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