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» Secret Empire ¾ Download by ë Nick Spencer So probably the biggest event in terms of controversy Captain America is part of Hydra Is this the real cap It this a lie Who is who The end of our heroes is here Well no, this is a event, of course it ll all go back to normal with some new storylines for a few months So Hydra Cap has made the ultimate plan The strongest heroes are stuck outside of earth thanks to a shield built by the greatest minds So now that Cap Marvel, Guardians, and are trapped there, the street level heroes are taken into a black hole of some sort so goodbye defenders, strange, and It leaves a few characters like the Champions, tony, hawkeye, black widow, and a few Hydra cap slowly takes over the world with the message of Hydra, and people are like oh okay because, well, look who our president is Not hard to believe And thenwell you know wha I think I ve ranted enough about major Marvel crossovers from the past several years elsewhere on GR, so I ll just say this about Secret Empire you know how everyone hated the Dream Season on Dallas because it cheated viewers and was just kind of annoying This is just like that, only not as good, and there s no Patrick Duffy shower scene Okay, I m being a little harsh as an alternate history type story, it s fine, I suppose, if way too sprawling it could have been far tighter and much less repetitive But, if you re going to do a story on this scale and then basically go back to status quo with some minor changes at the end, is it really worth disrupting the fine work many of your writers and artists are doing by disrupting what s happening in near S Most Startling And Unexpected Comic Book Event Captain America, Sentinel Of Liberty, Has Been Living A Lie The World S Greatest Hero Is Secretly A True Believer In The Cause Of Hydra, Brought Up Since Childhood To Pursue Their Mission Of Progress Through Authority And Unity Through Adversity Using The Trust And Respect He Is Accorded By The Great Powers Of The Marvel Universe, Steve Rogers Has Worked His Way Into A Position Where He Can Make Hydra S Ideals A Reality And Change The Landscape Of The World Dramatically Now, All The Dominos Of Steve S Plan Have Been Laid Out And It Will Take Only The Slightest Push To Set Them Into Action Hail Hydra COLLECTING Secret Empire , FREE COMIC BOOK DAY DEFENDERS Secret Empire STORY You can sell a really bad idea and turn it into a genuine and sincere literary material Secret Empire forced a really bad idea in a really bad story Captain America being Hydra is something you can move on with if it is justified by a well written story and good dialogue But unfortunately Nick Spencer s Marvel crossover event fails big time.
What I really dislike the most about Secret Empire is how it relies heavily on the much successful MCU Literally all characters from the movies and TV series are haphazardly packed into the storyline You got the Inhumans, the Defenders, Doctor Strange, Black Panther the Guardians all doing their part in the story But where are the Fantastic Four and the X Men Nada Well, there are some of them just to say that they still exist in the Marvel comics world The problem is, you do not need all of them to progress the story Remov I bought this in single issues, saved them, and then binged over a couple of days when the final issue dropped.
Apparently, this event was in planning for two years, and then the actual event itself took a year in the telling.
My big take away at the end of it all was that none of it mattered.
That s kind of a shitty feeling to have at the end of a story you have dedicated a year of your life in following I mean, some of it was pretty good The beginning few issues were solid, the middle sagged, and the conclusion leading up to the ending was fun even though the ending itself was a pile of crap In fact, the end left such a bad taste in my mouth that I find myself forgetting about the fun er moments I had earlier on in the series.
I dunno A This one just didn t work for me on so many levels It had a few nice moments but not enough to sustain such a long story It didn t even work very well as allegory, which left it feeling like a bloated What If story with little real point.
A shame, as I m usually a fan of Nick Spencer s work.
Wanna find out how bad Marvel comics on general currently are Then read this mess.

Remember how bland and forgettable Age of Ultron was This is of the same, but worst, to the point of being unreadable, there s absolutely no fun factor, remember the days when Marvel released those What If comics, well it seems the entire Marvel canon right now is one of those books Also, a word about the illustrations, apart from a few exceptions and the covers, I think this book has some of the ugliest pages I ve seen in years It s all been downhill since the Secret Wars, the company is trying so hard to appeal to every demographic, constantly masquerading real life political agendas in these stories, its just a mess right now, it won t be long until another reboot happens.
A good story with good art work that fits the story and style of the comic perfectly However there were issues with this.
Start rant One thing I really hate is when a character is featured prominently on the cover and is not in the comic I hate that Now using my favorite character in that way pushes my annoyance level to 11 The Spider man on the cover is Peter Parker, the Spider man in the story is Milles Peter is in possibly 10 panels, and contributes nothing to the story.
Rant over The one person you always believed in then anybody else betrays you How do you recover from a betrayal live that However he has not just betrayed you but the world making him the powerful person in the world Some will hide, some fight, many will die How man I ll let Johnny Cash explain to you what I thought about this book.
Of course, this book could also be considered one big F.
U from Marvel to all its readers Before I even get into the merits of the story, lets talk about how badly this was planned It s been in the works for at least 2 years when Assault of Pleasant Hill came out Yet, Marvel couldn t get one artist to draw the miniseries They couldn t even get one artist to draw a complete issue Even though there are some great artists on the book, it feels disjointed Partly from the changing art, partly from the vast holes in the story, because it happens in other books that don t even get an editorial mention You re often left with the felling of Wait a minute what just happened The whole story of Cap being an agent of Hydra exists solely to shock the readers and create newspaper headlines There s no

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