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[Saladin Ahmed] ¼ Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Vol. 2: Bring on the Bad Guys [earth PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Okay, so this isn t out yet and I ve only read 7 9 from here but I ll do an individual review of 10 when it comes out so this is just for 7 9 which makes sense because that was a complete arc.
Okay Okay, cool.
I do not like to see my son suffer but HOLY FUCK was the art from these incredible It was seeing the cover for 8 that made me pick up the series in the first place It was just beautiful and captivating Look at it In the Uncle Aaron section from 7 you can see the sketch marks like I wrote a whole ass art breakdown on my tumblr, it s a lot.
Mostly, though, this momentTHIS IS WHY DIVERSITY IN COMICS IS SO IMPORTANT Do you think before black super hero s, writers thought to include shit like this That readers s 3.
5 I m happier with this one than the last volume, but still not sure how I feel about Ahmed s style I felt a little invested in this arc though, and I will certainly continue reading, but, idk maybe I just need content still to get into his style and see where the story is going.
After The Dramatic Events In Miles Morales Life, The Young Web Slinger Must Slow Down And Take Stock What Do His Parents And Friends, Particularly Bombshell, Think Of All Of That S Happened Miles May Never Get To Learn The Answers Before He Is Taken Grabbed From The Streets By An Unknown Assailant, He S About To Be Bound, Tested And Observed Like A Bug Under Glass If Miles Is Going To Escape, He Ll Need Help Good Thing His Dad S A Former Agent Of SHIELD And There S No Price Jefferson Davis Wouldn T Pay To Get His Son Back But The Decisions This Father And Son Duo Make May Come Back To Haunt Them When One Of The Most Formidable Foes That Miles Has Ever Faced Returns COLLECTING MILES MORALES SPIDER MAN , FREE COMIC BOOK DAY SPIDER MAN VENOM SPIDER MAN STORY Although I have enjoyed what co creator Brian Michael Bendis has done with Miles Morales, it s what came after Bendis where the character has truly shined from the cinematic masterpiece Spider Man Into the Spider Verse to the current comic book run by Saladin Ahmed and Javier Garr n Based on the first volume, Ahmed and Garr n makes Miles their own, as along with aging him up and has dialogue that feels true to his heritage, he has his own personal issues that are different from what Nick Spencer is currently doing with Peter Parker in Amazing Spider Man.
What s interesting about this volume is that although the creators are pushing the character with his parents announcing that Miles is going to be a bro Ahmed is doing such great work on this book He s given Miles his own, distinct voice, he s really built his family relationships, and he can tell a damn good story, too The first couple of issues are wrenching Miles has already been having a hard time because of events over in Champions, and Ahmed doubles down by having him get abducted and horribly experimented on This storyline was hard to read since I love Miles so much and it was so well written Ahmed could have gone way explicit than he did, and that he left so much up to the imagination is even brutal The rest of the volume is mostly getting the wheels turning for the next big storyline, involving stuff from Spider Men II Then there s a nice little backstory for Starling, plus a fun mini story with Miles and Peter sparring over pizza I m not sure ho COLLECTS MILES MORALES SPIDER MAN 2018 ISSUES 7 10 AND MATERIAL FROM FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2019 SPIDER MAN VENOM 1The stories in this collection were intriguing than well written What I mean by that is that there are some ideas and story concepts that I m very interested in, but they are packaged in plots that were a slog to get through.
The story is really not connected well with the Assessor storyline continuing to have an unknown rationale It only gets a mention about it happening in final issue chapter despite being the center of this short volume.
Art in issue is also very inconsistent as artists changed multiple times.
This was fine Just fine Seems like the first 3 books in the collection were a prelude to a story not really appearing in this book and the 4th was, likewise, a great chapter one of a story we don t get yet But they were all well written and beautifully illustrated, so the collection as a whole gets 4 stars And the hope that the next collection has storyline in it.

I think Ahmed might actually be better suited to writing about Miles than BMB himself This arc actually gave me a lump in the throat a couple of times Miles father and uncle reuniting, Miles birthday We also finally find out why Miles has his mother s last name Miles grandfather wasn t a very nice man, and also, if he had his father s last name, he d be Miles Davis The Assessor storyline was appropriately sinister and depressing and I imagine its effects will come back in some way in the future The reappearance of the Ultimate Green Goblin is also interesting and we ll have to see where that goes The artwork was strong throughout this I loved this volume.
Bring On The Bad Guys is a little misleading this volume pits Miles against a faceless villain who manages to warp his mind and body in a surprisingly heartwrenching few issues that require his father and his uncle to suit back up to try and free him The art in these issues really sells the harrowing experience that poor Miles goes through, with some excellent use of blank space, a real testament to the old less is deal.
The oversized issue 10 which is also issue250 300 I don t remember, it s an anniversary of some kind was a surprise the twist of the issue initially made me very sad, because it draws on Brian Bendis and Sara Pichelli s horrendous Spider Men II miniseries, but I trust Ahmed enough to know that he ll do something useful with the character in question The Ultimate Green Goblin return is less of a twist it s on the cover , but also intrigues me th

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