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Trailer Ø Injustice PDF by ☆ Tom Taylor I think it is with Y2p2 that the Injustice series starts losing wind in its sails Perhaps the main writers ran of ideas, but we start getting lost in side stories and the storyline begins to get harder to follow.
Just a Little More Sadistic Than UsualIntroducing first fighting out of the blue corner, the team that has appointed itself absolute ruler of Planet Earth and now governs with an iron fist Team Superman Fighting out of the black corner, the team that feels Team Superman has crossed a line it should not have crossed, the team that dares challenge Team Superman.
Team Batman Are you ready for action Then let the galactic superhero war to end all wars begin We are supposed to cheer for Team Batman, i guess, though I don t know how comfortable you are with cheering for a team whose members say things like We re going to interrogate them for as much information as we can get, and holding them without due process, we don t read them their rights They don t have any Gordon Or I d pref I literally jumped up and down and put the picture of Superman in yellow on my desktop I started shivering with something like fear or amazement or shock.
WHAT A DEVELOPMENT This is probably one of my favorite comics of all time, now, and while I haven t read as much as some of ya ll, I ve read my fair share.
In the DC universe, I think this one tops them all I may change my mind at some future date, but as of right now, this is tops Though, to be fair, Sandman IS a part of the DC, but THAT title just didn t have the artistic chops that this one brought to my table Writing is great, but it s the combo punch that really knocks me all to shit.
I just heard that Tom Taylor is due to come off of this title in the near future I get it, but man does that SUCK Injustice has got to be one of the best, if not the best title DC is putting out right now And thats coming from a guy that typically isn t a fan of alternate universes or video game tie ins Usually hate the shit Cuz it usually sucks Injustice continues to be the exception for me at least.
Year 2 Vol 2 picks up right where Vol 1 left off Still something of the Green Lantern show in this one, but that s ok Haven t enjoyed Lantern stories like this since the Sinestro Corps War and some of Johns other Lantern epics Sinestro continues to be great in this one I was all over the place with loving and hating the guy Still hate Supes And Hal.
what a dick Taylor has gotten me to feel passionate about characters I rarely, if ever, felt anything about Black Canary al 4.
5 starsHot damn, this series is so addicting that our government should classify it as a controlled substance Things start with a perfectly written opening scene between a Black Canary too much of her is never enough and Harley Quinn best in small doses that deftly moves between action, humor and drama in ten pages Just as good is a later hospital scene, also between those two and a new arrival of sorts, which injects even needed humor into what is otherwise a largely tragic and downbeat story.
Speaking of tragedy the death toll, injury count, and overall carnage both earthbound and in outer space increase so much that it seems like no one or thing will be left standing for the future volumes Somehow, though, Taylor compan

Injustice is still one of my favorite things coming out of DC these days Yes, and it s still basically an excuse to string together a bunch of fight scenes Big fight scenes, in this book, with the entire GL Corps coming to town That s one of the few things I wasn t in love with this volume too many Lanterns, too much Lantern drama Also, I have mixed feelings about that epilogue view spoiler While it was kind of satisfying to see Dr Fate rebel, whisking Dinah off to another universe to meet an Oliver who s lost his Dinah felt kind of anti climatic to me Oliver and Dinah earned their heroic sacrifices, and it felt like far too easy of a way to brush them aside and give them a Happily Ever After hide spoiler Harley Quinn kills it in this series I swear she had so many great lines definitely the winner for me in the final volume of Year 2.
Besides that there was some pretty killer action sets some great twists and it s so freaking wonderful to see heroes bite the bullet.
I am reading this series for the sheer joy I take in all the carnage and death I look forward to every issue in hopes that I will see another character I love shock the shit outta me I mean, might as well right None of this stuff is cannon None of it matters At least not in the main continuity of things So why not make it all as crazy as it can get I can t believe how much I am enjoying this all It s easily some of the best stuff that DC is putting out right now at least for me anyways and I can t wait to read What s so great about a parallel universe is that you can kill off major characters, and the writer certainly takes advantage of this with a good number of characters dying in this volume Still, I ve read parallel universe stories where big names die and as a reader you don t really care because you know it isn t canon Kingdom Come, ugh Mark Waid is the worst BUT, in this story I do care The author writes with just the right amount of emotion with a dash of shock In fact, one character s death did cause a single tear to trickle down my cheek.
Plus there is this awesome scene where Catwoman says to Damien what every comic reader has wanted to be said since the character was introduced YES HBIC Overall, this series continues to be wonderful This volume was especially action packed with battle scenes that are well drawn and engaging This is a quick read that adds dimens December 27th Reread before giving in year 3 Actual rating 3.
5 stars Volume 1 Injustice Gods Among Us, Vol 1 Volume 2 Injustice Gods Among Us, Vol 2 Volume 3 Injustice, Year 2, Vol 1 There s definitely something to say about a series when you can t help binge reading volume after volume I m not gonna lie, every time I start a volume I m scared that it will be the one that bore me or whatever Well, it could have been this one, but in the end, I m still glad to have read it While I can t deny that I didn t like it as much as the others especially the first two , I still was captivated from the beginning to the end but I have issues with the plot, sadly Can you guess with the COLOR WAY TOO MUCH GREEN LANTERN DRAMA I swear, I feel like every other storyline is fading to black or almost and The Sequel To The New York Times Best Selling Graphic Novel Injustice GODS AMONG US VOL With Superman S Reign Over Earth Secured, The Green Lantern Corps Dispatch Kyle Rayner To Investigate The Situation But When He Mysteriously Disappears, The Guardians Of The Galaxy Are Left With No Choice But To Remove Superman From His Self Appointed Throne But Like All The Others Who Have Stood In Superman S Way Since The Death Of His Beloved Wife, The Corps Has A Fight On Their Hands That Will Surely Shake Them To The Core Collects Injustice Gods Among Us Year

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