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[ Pdf Globalization: The Human Consequences  suisse PDF ] by Zygmunt Bauman ☆ Bauman argues on a lot of interesting points of contemporary society, which since it is written in 1998 is starting to feel a bit outdated, however his arguments about the changes to our relationship to space and time still holds relevant points for further discussion However the language makes the book rather hard to read, as it is not only mixed in with french, german and latin words but also of english vocabulary commonly found in literature from the beginning not the end of the century If this book existed in a easily accessible form I think it could prompt many interesting discussions on what society we are creating, of who gets to move of own wishes and who does not.
An attempt to define globalization through human experience and specific case studies Not an easy read though, full of academic terminology I found it hard to find the connection between the chapters, though I m sure it makes sense to a educated reader A book for specialized and repetitive reading, not something one should skim through though that s exactly what I did in parts of it.
I will never look at the world the same way after reading this.
During my studies, one of the chapters of Zygmunt Bauman was added to our curriculum That one chapter changed gave me a better understanding of globalization that I have since gone back to of Zygmunt Bauman s theories and try to include them as much as I can in my studies It s a great book for those studying or working in areas that are affected by globalization, but it s also a great book for those who need to understand that the world isn t as black and white as the media often portrays it to be.
Proceeding to analyse the phenomenon of so called globalization, Zygmunt Bauman pins down a number of arguments related to its impact over nation states and their sovereignty In view of a lessened state power in favour of a stronger economical market that dictates how the global society evolves , class differences are accentuating The ones at the bottom are being closed in, or imprisoned, in a local condition, due to the absence of economical means However they have to struggle with a progressive loss of social ties and changes in the perception of territory, brought about by globalization The ones at the top enjoy mobility, without ethical constraints, as these are removed by the very same deterritorialization The growing physical boundaries create

Really dense, but with a lot of interesting ideas and observations.
This is an interesting introduction to globalization and it is a bit in depth than say Anthony Giddens book on the same theme Runaway world I was a bit surprised that Bauman is as political as he is in this book, at times he sounds almost like a left wing anti globalization activist There is an interesting critique of Michel Foucault s panopticon model that is useful since it seems to be taken for granted by many as still being present and active in contemporary society which might be true, but this is the first critique of it that I ve stumbled upon The chapters I liked the most are those that goes into inclusion exclusion in relation to urban environments and suburbs The chapter about the prison system is also enlightening This book might seem like a tough read at first but after a Globalization divides as much as it unites it divides as it unites What appears as globalization for some means localization for others signalling a new freedom for some, upon many others it descends as an uninvited and cruel fate says Bauman Liquidity, in other words refers to acceleration and extraterritoriality of capital and objects in terms of time space, which led our world in a state that where power is no longer determined, but became blurred, foggy, slushy and untamable opaque dynamic which causes a huge division and inequality through the capability of movement among different geographies and classes.
First I hated this book then I hated and now I don t like this book It was really painful to read it for me I read it some months I usually read quickly but this book was so boringBut on the another hand I have to say that I like some of ideas Maybe I would like the book if some else write it in other way I m so happy that I m done with this Zygmunt Bauman G Vienas Ymiausi Dabarties Socialini M Stytoj , Sociologijos Pasaulio Garsenyb Knygoje Globalizacija Pasekm S Mogui Siekia Ap Iuopti Globalizacijos Proces Esm Ir I Ry Kina Prie Taring J Poveik Mogui Bei Jo Gyvenamam Pasauliui Mogus Pasijunta Nebetek S Pagrindo Po Kojomis Prastus Geografinius, Kult Rinius, Politinius Pasaul Vaizd Io R Mus Bei Socialinius Santykius Kei Ia Dinami Kos Ir Labai Veiksmingos Nauj Socialini Atskir I Konfig Racijos Gin As D L Globalizacijos Iandien Jau Yra Tap S Vienu Ry Kiausi M S Laikme Io Po Ymi

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