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[ Pdf Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Vol. 1 ☆ food-writing PDF ] by Tom Taylor Ü This was so good Loved it Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man is my favorite title being published by Marvel or DC right now It may be my favorite title being published in all of comics because it s such a joy to read and the excitement I get from a new issue coming out is not rivaled by another title.
So there are three Spider man titles being published right now All of them good in their own right and highly enjoyable to read month to month Friendly Neighborhood Spider man has a smaller focus than Amazing Spider man and takes place in the current day unlike Symbiote Spider man Here you really get to see the charm of Spidey He cares about everyone and everything Doesn t matter if you re a kid, an adult, another hero, or a criminal Spider man only wants the best for you That s the first thin Spider Man Is The Worst Neighbor EVER There Are Always Crazy Villains And Property Damage And Drama Andand He CATCHES The Villains And He Tries To Fix The Damage And He Helps Carry Your Groceries And Actually That Property Damage Keeps The Rents Down You Know What Spider Man Is The Best Neighbor Ever And This Book Will Give You A Closer Look At Spider Man S And Peter Parker S Neighborhood Than Any Book Ever Also, It Wouldn T Be A Spider Man Adventure Without A Threat That Could Destroy Not Only Spider Man, But All His Neighbors Superstar Writer TOM TAYLOR X MEN RED, ALL NEW WOLVERINE, Injustice And Rising Art Star JUANN CABAL ALL NEW WOLVERINE, X Give You The Most Local Spider Man Ever COLLECTING FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER MAN I knew from issue 1 Tom Taylor would nail Spider man I mean, as in writing him, not having sex with him Now that we got my horrible joke out of the way let s talk Friendly Neighborhood Spider man The issue 1 to 5 is basically one big story Spidy saves people, finds mysterious kids in his room after a woman he swore to protect goes missing, and meets a woman named Rumor Together they go to the underground of New York to save her Then we have a solo story of Spider bite Which I won t spoil at all because it s that good Love it almost all The art is near perfect for what it goes for I love the interactions with Peter and all the people around him too The storylines are simple but work really well The ending is near perfect, and love the heck out of Spider bite The only negative is maybe the bad guy in here is just okay A 4 o Street level Spider Man antics by one of my favorite Marvel authors this is good stuff I mean, it s kind of weird, because it introduces, then dispense with, a vast underground world beneath New York calledUnder York And there s a new hero in the form of The Rumor shades of Umbrella Academy But overall, the humor is on point, Spider Man does nice things for the community, and Juann Cabal s art is only intermittently distracting and ugly I smiled a fair bit while reading what can you ask for That last issue left me gutted This is why I love Spider Man Tom is doing a great job this is brilliant stuff I ve had a lot of trouble getting into Spider Man comics in the past difficult continuity, way too many crossovers, etc but when Tom Taylor started writing a stand alone Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man series There was no way I wasn t going to at least give it a try And wow, am I glad I did So far, this series is everything I ve wanted from a Spider Man series and yet so rarely manage to find Taylor s Spider Man is soft, gentle, fiercely compassionate, at least a little tired, and absolutely perfect Taylor writes with such genuine empathy that even when the plot gets a little silly the whole Under York thing didn t really work for me I didn t mind for very long And the artoh my, is the art on display here spectacular Whether it s Juan Cabal the series main artist or guest artist Yildiray Cinar behind the artwork, this series is consistently breathtaking Nolan Woodard s coloring is br

I tend to give long form comics lenient ratings because I respect the craft that goes into making a long running story while staying true to the form, the tone, the ugh canon, and all that So there are plenty of five star comics that I wouldn t exactly see myself rereading in five or ten years That s fine, they re still top notch stuff the current Amazing Spider Man run, for example, is quite great, genuinely With that saidThis is an exception, this is a treasure It s a book that so deeply understands my favorite things about Spider Man and it s a book that presents them so well that I simply can t believe it s not some underappreciated gem that I ve found ten years after the run is over This is classic Spider Man in real time, the neighborhood protector, the ridiculous adventurer, the tearjerker.
Taylor takes Parker down to street level instead of cosmic fights and makes it all about Tom Taylor is the perfect choice for writing Spider Man He mixes in just the right amount of humor with a lot of heart Taylor takes the friendly neighborhood part of the title seriously, grounding Spider Man and Peter Parker right on his block, looking out for his neighbors Under York is an interesting concept I d love to see a return where Taylor flashes out a lot of the details The Spider Bite issue may be the best comic you read all year Juann Cabal s art is really good too This is how Spidey is meant to be written.
He s been a CEO, a globe trotting adventurer, and an Avengers But now it s time for Spider Man to get back to his friendly neighborhood roots But when his new friends at his apartment building ask for his help, he finds himself a little out of his depth literally, because he s going to Under York Tom Taylor s such a good writer, you guys He takes what s really a pretty insane premise and makes it a story about abuse, overcoming your oppressors, old lady superheroes, and Peter Parker being a dork It s just pretty much perfect, honestly.
And then just to add some icing on the cake, issue 6 is a standalone story in the vein of The Kid Who Collects Spider Man, which if it doesn t manage to break your heart, I feel

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