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[ Read Online Fram, ursul polar Πrussia PDF ] by Cezar Petrescu  This is one of the first books that really impressed me, I remember reading it 8 years ago and crying.
O carte dragu pe care o recomand tuturor copiilor si celor de 7 ani si celor de 57 Am lecturat o cu placere This is one the best children book there are and it is justly famous in Romania since its apparition in the early 1930 s it, Fram has become almost a common noun there The story of the playful and crowd favorite circus polar bear Fram and his fall into melancholia and refusal to perform followed by kids and their parents raising the money needed to send him back to the Arctic and then Fram s reintroduction to life among his kind is just the perfect children book and the illustration done by a famous Romanian painter just add to the power of this book.
On par with any illustrated children book in English I ve seen I ve read it so many times The story of a polar bear cub taken from his natural environment after his mother was killed by hunters and placed in the circus life and the dramatic consequences of that kind of life upon the animal Everytime I came to the end of this story I cry and make me think how cruel we are to each other and to everyting that surrounds us Last time I read it was 2000.
Few years ago I gave this book four stars because I remembered that I liked at as a child It was a sad story about a polar bear cub that was sold to a circus by the hunters after they killed his mother He was trained to the point that he was going by himself in the circus area and he performed without any whip encouragement if you haven t noticed there is a guy with a whip close to the animal that performs that is ready to beat them if they don t do what they are told to do That s how they train them The bear was released in the wild eventually, but he couldn t adapt any All he knew was the life between humans I know that the majority of children stories are based on immoral problems and no all of them have happy endings the original story of the Little Mermaid anyone Probably children have the ability to see only the good in e

O carte buna de citit copiilor cu vasta peste 7 ani Sunt multe de invatat din ea, subiecte despre care se poate discuta ulterior, dar exista si cateva scene mai violente, motiv pentru care recomand varsta mentinata.
A fost prima mea carte citit Nu prea m a prins la momentul respectiv, de aceea i voi mai acorda nc o ans.
Fram , ursul polar este cartea copilariei mele , primul roman pe care l am citit Si acum imi amintesc cu drag de Fram.
,, n fiecare via de om a mijit odat ceva frumos i plin de lumin O fapt rar Un act de curaj sau de bun tate O dovad de iubire O jertf Pe urm a trecut Numai cei f r sim ire pot r de de asemenea amintiri.
Rumun Ra Ytojas Apysakoje Parodo Baltojo Lokio Framo Gyvenim Cirke, Kur Jis Patenka Dar Visai Ma As Ir Tampa Publikos Numyl Tiniu Pagaliau Jis, Pasiilg S Gimtojo Kra To V L Atsiduria Iaur Je, Bet Jau Nesugeba Prisitaikyti Prie Iauri To Kra To S Lyg Laimingo Atsitiktinumo D Ka Framas V L Gr Ta Moni Pasaul

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