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[Una McCormack] Ê Star Trek - Typhon Pact: Brinkmanship [rwanda PDF] Ebook Epub Download ç The Typhon Pact novels are an interesting experiment in Star Trek literature They are, in simple terms, an attempt to create a power to rival the Federation which is simultaneously hostile to the Alpha Quadrant s good guys but not something which can be just ignored as long as no one crosses the Neutral Zone This isn t really all that original of an idea since the Klingons used to occupy this role in the original Series and the Cardassians Dominion had it for the period they weren t at war with both But it s a good idea I ve reviewed some of the other novels in the series such as Zero Sum Game, Rough Beasts of Empire, and The Struggle Within In general, they are highly political books which deal with issues of how the Federation is going to deal with someone who has every bit the same level of power as them but only some of the values The books are quit I really should ve liked this book immensely I m a big fan of diplomatic political intrigue, and the Star Trek universe has done it particularly well a few times Unfortunately, this fell flat One problem was the lack of distinctiveness in voices a large part of the appeal of tie in fiction lies in hearing familiar characters in our heads McCormack not only miscued on that, but her Cardassians, Ferengi and humans all sounded the same One of the subplots involved a deep cover agent going native, and almost pulled off a brilliant tale all the ingredients were there, but it just missed The other subplot, involving a failing diplomatic summit, didn t work because of the voice issue coupled with too much similarity in names it was hard to keep track of who was representing which faction.
There was a terrific book in An All New Novel Set In The Universe Of Star Trek The Next Generation, In Which Tensions Escalate Between Two Powerful Forces In Interstellar SpaceThe Venette Convention Has Always Remained Independent, But It Is About To Become The Flashpoint For A Tense Military Standoff Between The Two Power Blocs Now Dominating Interstellar Space The United Federation Of Planets And The Recently Formed Typhon Pact The Venetan Government Turns To The Typhon Pact S Tzenkethi Coalition For Protection In The New Order, And Has Agreed To Allow Three Of Their Supply Bases For Tzenkethi Use But These Bases If Militarized Would Put Tzenkethi Weapons Unacceptably Close To Federation, Cardassian, And Ferengi Space While Captain Ezri Dax And The Crew Of The USS Aventine Are Sent To Investigate Exactly What Is Happening At One Of The Venette Bases, Captain Jean Luc Picard And The USS Enterprise Are Assigned To A Diplomatic Mission Sent To The Venette Homeworld In Order To Broker A Mutually Acceptable Resolution But The Cardassian Delegates Don T Seem Particularly Keen On Using Diplomacy To Resolve The Situation, Which Soon Spirals Out Of Control Toward All Out War Previously on Star Trek The Typhon Pact we had the Cuban Missile Crisis in Space.
This time on Star Trek The Typhon Pact, we have the Cuban Missile Crisis in Space.
So to some extent the series is getting repetitive pretty much every TNG era book these days has to involve a show down between the Khitomer powers and the Typhon Pact which will go right up to the edge of war without actually becoming one And you know what, I don t care the original Star Trek was at its best when it was doing Cold War in Space stuff, something that s been sorely lacking for decades.
Plus, it means every book now is like The Final Reflection, only with the Typhon Pact nations, and exploring alien cultures is what Star Trek is all about somethin A good political thriller where you learn alot about the Tzenkethi.
Very nice ending to the Typhon Pact series Exactly the kind of political thriller I expected the series would be full of.
Who s up for the Cuban Missile Crisis.
in spaaaaaaace When an otherwise friendly nation on the borders of the Federation and two of its allies signs a treaty with a hostile power, allowing them bases for repair and refueling along the Federation border, Starfleet is understandably concerned and doubly so when news arrives that a fleet is enroute to supply the bases for their new tenants, carrying chemicals that could be used in biogenic warfare attacks on the Federation While the USS Enterprise speeds to meet with the Space Cubans to work the diplomatic angle, the USS Aventime is dispatched to do a little friendly snooping near the proposed base nearest the Federation border When the Cardassians who, along with the Ferengi are the other two threatened allies arrive ready for war, and the Space Cubans catch wind of possible spies inserted in their country, events begin to Star Trek Typhon Pact Brinkmanship by Una McCormack While Crusher and Picard attend a conference over the offer by the Venetans to the Tzenkethi to use some of their starbases those close to Federation, Cardassian and Ferengi space respectively , Dax is joined by SI commander Peter Alden, visiting one of the starbases in question and trying to determine the Tzenkethi motive I think the red thread holding this book together is distrust distrust of enemies in a cold war, distrust of old friends who might have changed too far, distrust of new allies etc And in the end, a part of the solution which returns a threatening outbreak of open warfare to the cold war situation, is to sow distrust into a people who are blunt and not used to subterfuge and lies The Tzenkethi are a fascinating people and McCormack spends some time introducing their cultu

As I was reading Brinkmanship, I kept thinking that at the end, everything would come together and there would be a brilliant reason for the Cardassian ambassador s rudeness, Peter Allen s paranoia, and some way of bringing the Cardassian spy into the rest of the events that would all make sense But that never really happened Instead, everything was left in a fairly blurry, uncertain state I m not sure what the point of the novel was It doesn t really feel like it moved the Typhon Pack storyline forward It did give us a look at the Tzenkethi, which was interesting, but that was about it Besides the plot issues, I had some problems with the dialogue in places It didn t seem to flow naturally, and people seemed to say each others names too much The Federation ambassador, Jeyn, seemed a very pointless character He didn t do anyth This story was an interesting Star Trek rendition of the Cuban missile crisis I also really liked the further insight into a much mature Ezri Dax than the one we saw back in the DS9 TV series I particularly loved her line in the scene where she confronts Alden view spoilerYou are making a mistake, she said, if you re still thinking of me as Ezri Tigan I am Dax I m the sum of many parts I ve been a mother, a father, and the lover of both men and women I ve been a diplomat, a legislator, a pliot yes, and a killer I ve seen countless friends die I ve outlived thousands of them and still died eight times myself I m older than you think and I m much less patient than ever If I can stop a war by handing you over, Peter Alden, you d better believe I d do ithide spoiler

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