ê Avengers & Champions: Worlds Collide Ò Download by á Mark Waid

ê Avengers & Champions: Worlds Collide Ò Download by á Mark Waid WORLDS COLLIDE It Starts Here The Long Promised Clash Between The Avengers And The Champions The Countdown Has Started As The High Evolutionary Sets The Earth On A Collision Course With Destruction The Avengers And The Champions Are Ready To Meet This Threat But Not Everyone Agrees How Best To Combat It Since They Were Old Enough To Say The Word Avengers, The Champions Have Idolized Earth S Mightiest Heroes Now The Two Teams Are On Equal Footing And The Champs Are Having To Walk The Walk Alongside Their Former Mentors Will Their Experiences In GENERATIONS Help Them Or Tear The Two Teams Apart COLLECTING AVENGERS , CHAMPIONS Here s the thing Crossovers can be tricky Thinking that the story needs to be one battle after the other is just a huge misunderstanding, mostly if you consider that not all books involved are about that And then, making it angsty and lingering on it just makes the whole thing sad.
I expected so much better because we got Mark Waid actually writing both books, so, yeah, the characters were dead on But anything else was either Earth shattering and meh I know, I know, Earth shattering shouldn t be meh, but not every end of the world scenario is compelling or interesting.
And as a rule, a mayor change needs to happen so you don t skip the crossover event I even sighed at that.
The Champions didn t need a crossover, if anything, it missed all the steam it had built.
Hey An Avengers and Champions team up So we can get all kinds of great interactions, like Vis and Viv long lost comrades Herc and Amadeus Spider Man and Spider Man We can see if Ms Marvel looks up to Thor, and we can see how Wasp feels when she sees that all of her peers are having a lot fun Oh, except this comic really doesn t have anything of that Except the Vis and Viv stuff, but that s actually been an ongoing plot in the Champions.
What happens instead They fight a bull man They fight some ani men They fight the High Evolutionary They fight some buildings Some copies of Earth almost collide, as if Waid hadn t run the multi year Time Runs Out arc that led to Secret Wars.
There are some good bits, almost entirely surrounding Viv, one of the best characters to come to comics in years I m really eager to see where her plot goes But otherwise, this is a fight heavy, character light boo read as single issues Both Avengers and Champions have been floundering as solo series at the moment, both under the pen of Mark Waid Maybe bringing the two teams together would be the shot in the arm that they need Maybe not.
Worlds Collide is a good concept the High Evolutionary and Counter Earth pose a planet destroying threat, and only the Avengers and Champions can save it But bringing the teams back together just makes the bickering intensify instead of highlighting why the two teams should be separate for logistical or ethical reasons, it just makes you want them to leave each other alone so they stop yelling at each other.
There are outstanding moments Mark Waid s Viv Vision is very well written, and he can do an action sequence like nobody s business But then the story builds to a crescendo that is instantly undone in the f 4 stars for the Viv Vision father daughter parts and her continuing saga 1 star for the pointless two teams yelling at each other bits that kept interrupting the interesting story.
The art is awesome all around, if you want to see these two teams together, which I did But Waid s writing in underwhelming There s a slight heartstring tug over Viv Vision but it just makes you want the next chapter This was lots of fun I enjoyed the old world Marvel Avengers Defenders team up and this one, while shorter, had a similar entertaining quality to it Very enjoyable.
Interesting character interactions among the Avengers and the Champions many of whom were former Avengers, not to mention Herc being a former Champion himself and that carried my interest than the Counter Earth villains and their plot Wanted to like this than I could, but very disappointed when the collection ended en media res If you re going to collect an incomplete story, at least have the decency to label it thusly so we know not to expect a full resolution of what we re reading.
I love Mark Waid but his Avengers series might be the worst thing he s done that I ve read It just comes off as really boring This mashup between Champions and Avengers does neither series much good Great art at times but the rest A skippable boring storyline A 2 out of 5.
This Volume taking place after both Volume 2 s of their own respective titles , while epic ish in nature, really boils down to 2 interpersonal disputes 1 The Champions and Avengers are not getting along, but can put aside mostly their arguements when it comes time to teaming up to save the world, and 2 the tension between Vision and his daughter Viv.
The dispute between the teams began out of Secret Empire and that quite a bit of the Avengers went along with Captain America at least in the beginning The Champions, a younger group overall, found a way to save others as a team, like the Avengers, and still hold to the ideals they have, not feeling beholden to a specific leader They work together when it comes to saving the Earth, first here in stopping a huge meteor some of the best teamwork I have seen i

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