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[Gerry Conway] µ Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Volume 1: Brawl in the Family [harare PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ The Parker Clan Web Sling And Wall Crawl Their Way Into Your Hearts Life Is Good For Husband And Wife Peter Parker And Mary Jane Their Daughter Annie Is Their Pride And Joy, They Re Both Working And Barely Making Ends Meet, They Re Keeping The Streets Of New York City Safe From Super Villainsyou Know, Normal Everyday Stuff Oh, Did We Mention MJ And Annie Have Super Powers Just Like Peter Being Spider Man Just Became A Family Affair And When The Mole Man Attacks NYC, Only The Sensational Spider Family Can Stop Him Collecting Amazing Spider Man Renew Your Vows Continuing out of the Secret Wars storyline, we find our Spider Family still saving the day Having seized the tech from Regent at the end of Vol 0, MJ now has a suit that siphons off power from Peter, and fights crime right along side of him as Spinneret love this name Annie May, their daughter, gets into her own set of trouble with her spider powers, and eventually get dubbed Spiderling.
The main baddie of the book is Mole Man, coming up from underground to get some of Regent s left over tech, but both Norman Osborn MJ calls him Normie because he s only 10 years old and Sandman robbing the bank next door to Bouncy Bunny, a Chuck E Cheese rip off make appearances and get taken down by the Parkers.
I really appreciate this book for making it a family affair Peter and MJ as parents feels very natural to me, and would have probably happened if not for the events of One More Day To see the Wow talk about super freaking fun This is Marvel s best idea for Spider man in forever I enjoyed Renew Your Vows by Dan Slott but didn t love it The ending left me kind of meh on it the start was great though however thisthis is where it s at Gerry makes sure to note that FAMILY is the key factor here Once you wrap your head around that you re really gonna enjoy this series Much like Superman for DC Rebirth, Renew your vows makes sure to get the family dynamic right With May being the key star here Little Spider girl living her daily life at school, getting use to her powers, and living with Peter Parker and MJ as mom and dad it works really well When the MOLE man of all villains attacks the family must team up to take him down Can the read as single issues Marvel are able to have their cake and eat it too with this spin off mini series set in the same universe as the Battleworld Renew Your Vows series, in which Peter and Mary Jane are happily married with their daughter, Annie May Parker With the threat of Regent behind them, Peter and MJ set about starting their own crime fighting family, with an inventive use of past technology to enable MJ to fight alongside Peter Of course, Annie isn t about to let them have all the fun, and soon the three are fighting the Mole Man together in these first five issues.
Writer Gerry Conway captures the family dynamic between these characters perfectly, with Annie sounding exactly as a child should, while Peter and MJ s push and pull parental o I enjoy stories about families in superhero comics, and this starts well with a bit of breakfast hijinks However, it descends into bickering between Peter and MJ about her role as a hero Peter is written as being a bit too old fashioned and over protective in this story for my tastes It takes some of the fun out of Spider man.
37th book read in 2018.
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5 Disappointing This book is redeemed only by the two shorts that are amazing The main story is dull and predictable.
A continuation of the miniseries following an alternate world Peter Parker whose marriage wasn t sold to Satan And not only is he still with MJ, but she and their daughter both share his powers and the daughter seems to have a little something extra too If anything it s enjoyable now the mini s rather dull new villain is out of the way instead we get classic Marvel foes including the second funniest Mole Man I ve ever read , but they serve mainly as a backdrop for the family comedy A plot And it s just so refreshing to see a happy, albeit bickering, family allowed to form the heart of a superhero comic.
Collects Amazing Spider Man Renew Your Vows 2016 issues 1 5My head wants to give this a 4 star rating, but my heart wants to give it a 5 star rating Even though I m not buying this series issue by issue, I really hope it continues It is fun seeing a parallel universe world in which Peter Parker and MJ are married, and are raising their spider powered daughter Using Regent s technology from Volume 0, MJ is able to tap into Peter s powers giving this family trio a chance to fight crime all together This book is good not great and fun, and I m looking forward to reading Solid writing and solid artwork.
So much fun Pretty art Gerry Conway surprised me as much as anyone that he could write in a modern voice One of the writers I grew up on, I m thrilled to see how he a gets the cadences and brevity of modern comics dialogue, b avoids the tics of old, c writes MJ in a way that sounds like an adult woman, and d writes a kid like he s recently been one Annie May is a perfect blend of sassy, deferential and impatient.
And MJ is framed as a powerful, interdependent partner to Peter who thankfully doesn t dominate the action or the conversations, except as a doting father and husband What a breath of fresh air for stodgy responsibility junkie Peter this is we don t have to slog through him dragging his many albatross around I love that the parents arguing is just like a Peanuts cartoon Thi I wanted to love this Peter and Mary Jane were one of the greatest love stories in comics I went so far as to stop reading Marvel for years after their marriage was demonically annuled So seeing them back together with daughter Annie in tow was great The Parker family bits of this were great to read.
However, there s a metaphor here that I m deeply uncomfortable with Mary Jane is given superpowers because comics , and it s eventually revealed that when she uses those powers she s sapping Peter of his strength The implication being that marriage weakens you, which is an unfortunate metaphor to have whether it s intentional or not , and which undermines the whole point of having these characters together.

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