é Actively Running Your Life? é Download by Ï Virginia Reeves

é Actively Running Your Life? é Download by Ï Virginia Reeves Achievement, Happiness, And Wisdom Overlap All Areas In Your Life It S The Integration Which Sets Your Personality, Character Traits, And Lifestyle Overall The Heart, Soul, And Mind Integrate Into An Image Of What Can Be When Diligence And Delight Spark Each Other There Are No Limits To What A Lively Imagination Can Include Give Yourself Credit For What You Know, What You Ve Done, And What You Are Still Able To Do Get Creative And Figure Out Who To Contact Along With What S Already Been Done By Others Solutions Abound Be Willing To Search It S Not What You Are That Holds You Back, It S What You Think You Re Not Actions Should Not Be Taken From A Negative Place In Your Heart Or Mind Instead, Get Into Alignment With How You Want To Feel And What You Want To Accomplish When You Believe Success Is A Given, You Attack Your Objective With A Higher Level Of Energy, A Greater Passion, And A Stronger Work Ethic Think And Act Like A Child Filled With Awe, Delight With Discoveries, And Full Of Questions You Have To Answer The Query Is That All There Is To Your Satisfaction Life Is Too Valuable To Waste It Doing What You Don T Want To Do Many Complaints In Life Actually Are Negative Questions Why Do I Keep Doing This Or Why Can T I Or Why Is Are Designed To Provide Us With Excuses To Avoid Making Real Changes This Keeps Your Mind Thinking About Having A Lack Of Good Questions Which Can Lead To A Multitude Of Improved Attitudes, Behaviors, And Circumstances Are Shared They Begin With Who, What, When, Where, And How When Seeking To Enhance Your Ability To Sell Yourself, The Traits Of Image Attitude, And Integrity Are Critical Have Mental Pictures Showing You As Happy, Successful, Attractive, And Positive Enjoying Life When You Are In An Emotional Slump It Typically Means You Aren T Receiving Enough Support From Yourself Or Others Are You Fulfilling Your Desires Choose To Stretch Beyond Normal Patterns And Parameters It S Worth The Fear Because It S Exhilarating When You See Results Interacting With Others Ensures You Don T Become Too Focused Which Can Cause Narrow Mindedness Organization And Time Management Are Important Skills To Rising From A Slump Perseverance And Patience, While They May Seem Like Opposites, Do Work Together Surround Yourself With Things Special To You This Reminds You Of How, When, Where, Why, And How You Took Action To Get What You Wanted Gift Yourself With Respect And Trust Chastising For Not Following Through Is Demoralizing And Can Negatively Affect Areas Where You Are Doing Well Contentment Increases With Output So The Ability To Define And Understand Prioritizing Is Needed Specifying Necessary Steps Helps You Choose Between The Worst Or The Best For You To Proceed With Depending On Your Mood And Energy Face The Future Knowing There Are Times That Will Prove To Be Frustratingly Challenging Yet These Events Demonstrate How Strong You Are Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, And Physically Everything That Happens Does Develop Character Ten Major Personal Roadblocks Prevent Anyone From Living A Optimized Life These Are Described Yesterday Is Finished What You Did With That Day, And What You Are Accomplishing Today, Is The Basis For Your Life Tomorrow Don T Regret What You Haven T Done Yet Take Action Now So You May Live Future Days With The Knowledge You Took Advantage Of The Hours Of Prior Days There Are No Chapters On Being Grateful And Thankful For What You Have And What You Can Do For Others You Know That Being Kind, Helpful, Caring, And Nice Are Foundational Blocks To Operate From i found this book a pleasant surprise While i knew many of the ideas listed in this book, it was nice to have it all in one place This book is sort of a summary of many different self help ideas It is a quick read, so it would be easy to go over the material repeatedly.

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