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[ Pdf Absolute Carnage ↠´ young-adult-historical-fiction PDF ] by Saladin Ahmed ↠´ It S Business As Usual For Miles Morales As He Finds Himself Squaring Off With Mac Gargan, AKA THE SCORPION But As A Cult Of Carnage S Bloodthirsty Acolytes Swarms New York, Miles Will Learn The Hard Way That Scorpion Has A History With Venom And The Other Symbiotes Of The Marvel Universe When Miles Sacrifices Himself Protecting Others, Will He Be Taken By Carnage S Dark Doppelgangers Or Will He Be Able To Resist Being Consumed By The Dark Symbiote COLLECTING Absolute Carnage Miles Morales , Absolute Carnage Weapon Plus These collected issues were some of my least favorite tie ins for Absolute Carnage Miles appears in the main AC line, they recreate an encounter from that in issue 1 that is oddly different only with worse art , and I found the entire story ark pretty superfluous when read alongside Absolute Carnage It s still kinda fun, but it s pure fluff The Hulk issue itself also dipped below my expectations, although it is well written But I think 10 pages of an almost stick figure Bruce Banner in a black panel kinda speaks for itself I know that was a lot of complaints in a row, but it s actually a decent set of comics They provide a little extra context for each character, but add nothing essential to the core event.

The Miles issues are completely skippable Not worth reading I have no idea why there are THREE filler issues the way they are Nothing happens at all, really But the Immortal Hulk tie in is VERY fun Definitely worth reading the back issue But I wouldn t buy this trade.
Catching up on comics on Sunday night A great read Wonderful art and a nice reminder of what makes Miles Miles Not necessarily needed to understand the events of Absolute Carnage or the main Miles comic but a nice breezy read

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