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[Jeph Loeb] Ò Spider-Man: Blue [american-fiction PDF] Read Online é I ve never been a great fan of Spiderman, because I find his personal life to be a little too sappy The movie franchise has made him even worse as far as I m concerned because Tobey Maguire just doesn t fit into my mental picture of Spiderman at all.
However, Tim Sale s art in this one is really, really good The story isn t great The overall premise is that Spidey is narrating the tale of his love for Gwen Stacy and her untimely death into an old tape recorder Not a great thing to do, considering his current wife, MJ is asleep downstairs.
There are far too many villains who appear, get beaten up, and disappear The fight situations are a little underwhelming, therefore And the other issue is that Gwen Stacy doesn t actually die in the book She s dead, but the how why isn t explained.
However, read it for Sale s lovely a If you want your emotions trampled on it s always a good bet to pick up a Loeb Sale trade because they re the best, the story and the artwork always work so well together I m not the biggest Peter Parker fan, i rarely pick up anything to do with him, plus Miles is the best spider man so y know jog on Parker So i did just pick this up purely because it s done by Loeb Sale and again i was not disappointed, i m emotionally ruined now so thanks It is quite short though and i do think Loeb has a habit of building and building this story and then it just ends abruptly just when you think all hell is about to break lose but nah son they ain t about that Definitely worth picking up, especially for spider man fans, i m still not that both It S About Remembering Someone So Important To Me I Was Going To Spend The Rest Of My Life With HerWhat Peter Parker Didn T Know Was That Meant Gwen Stacy Would Only Get To Spend The Rest Of Her Life With Him This Is The Story Of How They Fell In Love Or Appropriately, How They Almost Didn T Fall In Love Welcome To Spider Man S Life Bad Before Good It S Kind Of Amazing So To Get The Girl Of His Dreams, He Ll Have To Run The Gauntlet Of The Green Goblin, The Rhino, Two Vultures And A Mysterious Man In The Shadows Controlling It All Join The Eisner Award Winning Team Of Jeph Loeb And Tim Sale Superman For All Seasons, Batman The Long Halloween, Daredevil Yellow, Hulk Gray In The Story About Peter Parker S First Love, Gwen Stacy Highlighted By The Introduction Of Mary Jane Watson, It Is A Critical Moment In Spider Man S Life When Everything Was Just Coming Together Only To Fall Apart Collecting SPIDER MAN BLUE Hayat n n bir d neminde izgi roman okumay sevmeyen ben i in bile, bunca zaman kar la mam oldu uma deli gibi gibi z ld m nadir eylerden biri bu Mutlaka okuyun zellikle de r okumaya yeni ba layacaklar i in m kemmel.
Up until last night I would not have considered myself an active fan on Tim Sale s art I recognized that his work was definitely quality, but he was never a favorite artist of mine Just a guy who s work was pleasing when he drew something I wanted to read.
Holy hell did that just change when I read Spider man Blue for the first time I was blown away I don t think I ve seen sexier women in comics than the way Sale drew MJ and Gwen I hate to belittle another artist to bolster another, but Ed Benes is a good example of how you can try and draw sexy and completely miss the mark Benes cheesecake is obvious and egregious Ass shots and poses that would make a contortionist proud are all well and good in its place , but sexy it is not What Sale did in Blue though was to get across what it is to find a woman so completely captivating th Spider Man Blue is not a typical superhero graphic novel it is something much human This is not that typical collection of action sequences and shallow story arcs that you can find in a lot of comic books In Spider Man Blue, we see a much vulnerable side of our titular crime fighter, a side that nearly all of us can relate to In a rare moment of reflection, we delve deep into the pain and loss that Spider Man carries with him day in and day out, and we get an intimate look at how the loss of his first love, Gwen Stacy, affected his entire life thereafter.
Spider Man Blue goes back in time to recount the days when Gwen Stacy was still alive, still the apple of Peter s eye Yet, it does not retread old comic storylines in their entirety, but rather shows bits and pieces of several major moments in Spider Man s life right before he tragically lost G RATING 3.
5 STARSTo be honest, I don t read much of Spiderman, so I can t really compare this to any other Spiderman stuff Spiderman Blue was highly recommended by a friend who I share some comic book faves with so I decided to give this a go.
I liked this I just wasn t completely blown away by it However, there is one thing about this that caught me off guard the emotions And if you know me, I love reading about stuff that has a lot of heart in it, and this one definitely has it.
In Spiderman Blue, you see this side of Peter that I haven t seen yet You see his vulnerability and his weakness Sure, you do get his spunky and funny side of him too, but the way his emotions were exposed on this was one thing that I really likes.
One of my qualms about this was how I didn t get to know Gwen Stacey as much as I would have I happened to read this one at the perfect time, just after The Night Gwen Stacy Died, and then Marvel Masterworks The Amazing Spider Man, Vol 4 By the end of that volume, Peter and Gwen start to become friends and I believe it ends only a few issues before Mary Jane Watson appears This book shows how Peter, MJ, and Gwen met and interacted during the period up until Pete and Gwen finally got together, punctuated with Pete s collisions with the Green Goblin, the old and new Vultures, the Rhino, the Lizard, and view spoiler Kraven hide spoiler

Spider Man Blue is a sort of flashback retelling of how Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey originally met and fell in love With MJ thrown into the mix and Peter moving into the city with Harry Osbourne, the plot mirrors parts of Sam Raimi s 2002 Spider Man film.
The story is narrated by Peter as he records the story into an old tape recorder that was previously owned by his Uncle Ben He remembers these early years when he took to the streets of New York, stopping some of the strongest and devious super villains around.
I was a huge fan of what Sale and Loeb did with what is probably my favorite graphic novel, Batman The Long Halloween I really liked the two follow ups Batman Dark Victory and Batman Haunted Knight and or less apprecia Re read This is still the best of the color series What makes this story work so well is Peter Parker s narrative We have the context of Gwen Stacy s death and this retells part of that iconic story but this would be an average book without Peter Parker s voice He is funny, charismatic and typically full of charm So, when you combine that with the weight of his grief over Gwen Stacy and the wistful tone of his good memories of her, it makes for a very compelling story Everyone knows how Gwen Stacy died and that Peter later ends up with MJ Even without that context, this book leaves you with enough to gather that she dies and Peter was heartbroken The way Loeb chose to tell this story, with Peter recording a message for her on Valentine s Day, was so effective because it allowed for clever ways to convey how he struggles to tell this story.
The book starts with Peter stumbli

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